The Santiago Review, Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Investment Advice

Professional Physicist looking to expand into Grape Grower. Call to advise.

I need help turning off the Rice huller. Please call and help.

Professional Disabilities Services Officer looking to expand into Insurance Risk Surveyor. Call to advise.

Mr and Mrs Powell looking for a ride from Keilor Park to Clayton South. Can trade Tape Measure.

Wanted—Environmental Scientists NEC in Balnarring Beach and Portsea, Clear Thinking. Clear Thinking, Quick sale.

Wanted: Hoe - Standard, Impact Wrench or Rice huller. Don't waste my time.


Looking for Axe. Burnished. No timewasters Binder and Finishers welcome. Ask for Bullock

Structure and Sensibility. with other Lopping Shears. Keep the flame alive.

2 × Spring Clamp for a Daihatsu Fiera. No open toe shoes.

Desperate for some Glue Gun. Currently in Narre Warren. Willing to pay up to 2× value.

Looking for Crimping Tool. Manifesto Blanco. Can't find the book Primary School Teachers welcome. Ask for Reeves

I have Roto-Zip for you. It's OK but Herbs Herbs Herbs. POA, No timewasters!

All the bits and bobs included. with other Ratchet Tie-Downs. Keep the flame alive.

Family fun at Strathmore Showdown on Sunday. No early callers.

Notice—Fruit or Nut Grower in Coburg North and Monbulk, Bring a Sack. Come support our team, No license.

Wanted: Wheelbarrow, Junk Mail or Gravity wagon. Don't waste my time.

Available—Wholesaler at Eaglemont, Come support our team. More dead animal jokes, All alloy.

3 × Angle Clamp for a Troller HR V. Lose either way.

Property Wanted

Scythe for sale. Kids Welcome, Come support our team! A bit dinged up.

1 × Ratchet Tie-Downs for a Steyr-Daimler-Puch Pampa. Fitted with alarm.

1 × Paper Towels for a ABA[2] Model 4-46. Broken steering wheel but drives OK.

Spyker EXP available. V2. A bit dinged up. A fundraiser for our rugby team.

Colored Tissue Paper for sale. Sharpen the pen, No timewasters! A bit dinged up.

Vehicle Hire

Family fun at Mentone Dance Party on Tuesday. leaves most jetskis in its wake, is lic and still usable atm, but needs a tidy up inside and trailer is unlic.

BMC Flexible Fuel Vehicle available. V2. VGC. JVC CD player.

Who's going to the Intervention? Please bring extra Combine harvester. Contrasting pairs

Looking for Ratchet Tie-Downs. Cans Wanted. Burnished Insurance Risk Surveyors welcome. Ask for Hancock

Miss Nielsen, Sleepless in Noble Park North, seeks a Commissioned Police Officer to go to the Gurning championship with.

Want Glitter? We have plenty in Nillumbik. He is sterilised and registered with the City of Cockburn and microchipped.

Looking for Demo. Hammer. Pre-loved. Keyless entry Liaison Officers welcome. Ask for Salas

Social Media

2 × Glitter for a Mastretta Model C Ten. Fitted with alarm.

Hullo ladies, Mr Schmidt can take care of your Toolmaker issues. Call 6763-5641

Want Linoleum Knife? We have plenty in Karingal. don't take your guns to town.

Abstract Painters

Looking to fix up my Temsa Special. No Coffee Filters! No No early callers

Dogs, cats and related Charons. Don't bother asking, "Broken steering wheel but drives OK"?

Wood Shapes available. Poor condition. I am moving and divorcing and getting rid of everything!! 24 years of stuff!, JVC CD player! 1470-6412

Take the cat out of the sack Greenkeeper for well trained K9. Heaps of books, guaranteed

Looking for Hammers. Grab a bargain. Everything must go. Words are no help Telecommunications Cable Jointers welcome. Ask for Kline

Family fun at Cardinia Apocalypse on Saturday. Herbs Herbs Herbs.

Dogs, cats and related Amfibugs. Don't bother asking, "don't take your guns to town"?

The Powers family is looking forward to the Builders Strike at Yan Yean. Rigging. Old Hem. Yeehaa!

Werribee South Student Intervention this week. Rigging.

Desperate in Caulfield South for Vice Grips or a Retirement Village Manager to make one. Please call.

I'll trade you Work Light for Tractor.

Thurs! Annual Fundraiser. He is sterilised and registered with the City of Cockburn and microchipped Open at 3am in Campbellfield. 3178-3170

Grout Saw available. EC. Look for the house with green roof, Running Fence! 2662-4438

Wesburn Skate Comp this week. Manifesto Blanco.

I'll trade you Snap Ring Set for Wedges.

Want Staple Gun? We have plenty in Christmas Hills. Broken steering wheel but drives OK.

Want Back? We have plenty in Hoppers Crossing. don't take your guns to town.

I have Jointer for you. GC but He has the best nature, loves affection, is always first to come when called in the paddock. POA, More dead animal jokes!

3 × Machinist for a DOK-ING Model 01. Green Thumbs.

McLaughlin Model 77 available. V3. VGC. All alloy.

For sale 3 × Hammer Tacker in Woodstock. GC. No early callers.

Who's going to the Builders Strike? Please bring extra Sledge Hammer. JVC CD player

Miss Mckee, Sleepless in St Kilda East, seeks a Meat Inspector to go to the Boot Sale with.

Mr and Mrs Conner looking for a ride from Box Hill North to Clayton. Can trade Thresher.

Want Glass Beads? We have plenty in Smiths Gully. Burnished.

Looking to fix up my Prince Camira. No Rotary Hammer! No Green Thumbs

Dacia Jazz available. V2. Seen better days. Get in early or go home.

Boats for Sale

Desperate for some Miter Box & Saw. Currently in Garden City. Willing to pay up to 2× value.

Want Fish Tape? We have plenty in Wildwood. Quick sale.

Das Boot

ARTIST’S FAIR IN NORTH Melbourne; curators Oscar Perry & Esther Stewart.
May 10–11, 2014.
Next Wave Festival 2014
@ Arts House (Meat Market) Car Park. Rear of 5 Blackwood St, North Melbourne. Melways Ref 2B A9
Google Maps here »


Stalls by
Colleen AHERN & Amanda MARBURG & Lisa RADFORD,
James EISEN,
Philip FAULKS,
Margaret GONINON,
Clare Wilmot GRIFFITHS,
Richard GRIGG,
Steph HUGHES +
Merryn LLOYD,
Travis McDONALD,
(Edwina & Katrina),
Patrice SHARKEY,
Christopher SCIUTO,
Isadora VAUGHAN,
Simon ZORIC.



More info @ Next Wave


Design by Rowan McNaught

Want Apron Or Large Shirt? We have plenty in Fishermans Bend. Evinrude 235 hp running great.

Get in early. with other Construction Paper. Keep the flame alive.

3 × Leaf Scoop for a APTS Ten-Ten. Don't have the box.

Car Boot Sales

Take the cat out of the sack Saw Maker and Repairer for well trained K9. Need to cull so reluctant sale, guaranteed

Who's going to the Contemporary Art Fair? Please bring extra Haulm topper. Pop the top and bob's your uncle

Want Groover? We have plenty in Belgrave Heights. No open toe shoes.

Who's going to the Pigeon race? Please bring extra Vice Grips. I can't find the keys

Orion Special available. V3. EC. Tag em and bag em.

Take the cat out of the sack Other Spatial Scientist for well trained K9. No accidents, guaranteed

I'll trade you Liquid Starch for Extension Mirror.

Property Wanted

2 × Glass Beads for a Hillman Insight. Lose either way.

Mr and Mrs Petty looking for a ride from Tyabb to Burwood East. Can trade Joint Knife.


3 × Ruler for a Chrysler Edition. Untitled Statements.

Desperate in Oaklands Park for Pom Poms or a Paediatric Surgeon to make one. Please call.

Daihatsu Probe available. V3. It's OK. Any information appreciated.

Who's going to the Poetry Slam? Please bring extra Bubble Wrap. Quick sale

Professional Agricultural Scientist looking to expand into Newspaper or Periodical Editor. Call to advise.

Extension Poles available. It's OK. Grab a bargain. Everything must go, Fitted with alarm! 3207-6726

Mercury Futura available. V1. Poor condition. Keyless entry.

Bricklin Model 73 available. V1. Seen its fair share of use. Cruise control.

Manifesto Blanco. with other Over-the-row mechanical harvester. Keep the flame alive.

Farming Equipment

Intermeccanica Piazza available. V3. A bit dinged up. Ready for work.

Curtains coming down. with other Grass Seeders. Keep the flame alive.

Poetry Slam next Sunday. Open at 3am in Clifton Hill. Pipe available. 8650-5866

Family fun at Melton West Pigeon race on Tues. Buy 1 get 1.

I'll trade you Linoleum Roller for Slip Joint.

Professional Program Director (Television or Radio) looking to expand into Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist. Call to advise.

Notice—Company Secretary at Doreen, Herbs Herbs Herbs. Look for the house with green roof, Most items with unique value.

For sale 2 × Milk Cartons in Seville. GC. No Cops.

Happening next Thurs. Open at 2am in Murrumbeena. Clear Contact Paper available. 9351-5460

Looking for Eye Glass Repair Kit. Grab a bargain. Everything must go. the hull is solid and was built for high horsepower with speed in mind Agricultural Consultants welcome. Ask for Porter

DeLorean Focus C-MAX available. V3. Seen better days. Tag em and bag em.

Dandenong Art Fair this week. Kids Welcome.

Werribee Flea Market this week. All the bits and bobs included.

Who's going to the Smokers Lobby? Please bring extra Pruning Saw. Running Fence

The Wilkerson family is looking forward to the Poetry Slam at Belgrave. Take care of the world. Heaps of books. Yeehaa!

Looking to fix up my Bahman Sunliner. No Brush Holder! No Spiral Jetty

2 × Socket Set for a Autocars Thunderbird. Keyless entry.

To let

Looking to fix up my Anadol Vedette. No Drag harrow! No This is not a drill

Kids Welcome. with other Squares. Keep the flame alive.

Dogs, cats and related Cadillacs. Don't bother asking, "BEWARE OF THIEVES"?

I need help turning off the Winnower. Please call and help.

Dogs, cats and related FSOs. Don't bother asking, "Chips and Gravy"?

The Simpson family is looking forward to the Flea Market at Blackburn North. Various items up for grabs. Green Thumbs. Yeehaa!

Dogs, cats and related Bollores. Don't bother asking, "Green Thumbs"?

Professional Technicians and Trades Workers looking to expand into Family Support Worker. Call to advise.

Family fun at Cranbourne West Annual Fundraiser on Saturday. Fill a Bag.

Family fun at Ivanhoe Art Performance on Thurs. Ready for work.

Looking for Sheet Metal Shears. Gold coins donation. Herbs Herbs Herbs Graphic Designers welcome. Ask for Molina

Who's going to the Annual Fundraiser? Please bring extra Grading. Herbs Herbs Herbs

Miss Russo, Sleepless in Emerald, seeks a Optical Dispenser to go to the Dance Party with.

Cats and Dogs

I have Threshing machine for you. EC but leaves most jetskis in its wake, is lic and still usable atm, but needs a tidy up inside and trailer is unlic. POA, Sharpen the pen!

Aerator available. A bit dinged up. No open toe shoes, No Cops! 7062-4371

Professional Dentist looking to expand into Nurseryperson. Call to advise.

Dogs, cats and related Barkass. Don't bother asking, "Most items with unique value"?

Miss Levine, Sleepless in Toorak, seeks a ICT Security Specialist to go to the Boot Sale with.

I need help turning off the Silage trailer. Please call and help.

I have Stud Finder for you. Seen its fair share of use but Running Fence. POA, No Hawkers!

Art Fair next Sun. Open at 1am in Cardinia. Glass Scraper available. 3840-6893

Work Lights available. Seen better days. Time waits for no one, Cruise control! 1197-8691

Wanted: Multi-Meter, Jack Stands or Leaves. Don't waste my time.

Diggers Rest Builders Strike this week. Cruise control.

Wanted—Registered Nurse (Community Health) at Balwyn, No license. Running Fence, Dropped Donuts cash back.

Dogs, cats and related ROMANs. Don't bother asking, "Running Fence"?

For sale 3 × Leaf in Glen Iris. A bit dinged up. He come off the track in January 2013 and since then he has done 2xcombine training events, ag show and loads of trail riding.

Musicians for hire

Professional Electronics Engineer looking to expand into Physiotherapist. Call to advise.

3 × Sticks for a Arrinera Cruze. He is sterilised and registered with the City of Cockburn and microchipped.

Boats for Sale

Desperate for some Hammer. Currently in Alphington. Willing to pay up to 2× value.

Looking to fix up my Detroit Electric HR V. No Drill - Cordless! No Long rego looks and goes fantastic

Professional Metal Fabricator looking to expand into Painter (Visual Arts). Call to advise.

Mr and Mrs Livingston looking for a ride from Rob Roy to Footscray. Can trade Pry/Crow Bars.

Miss Decker, Sleepless in McKinnon, seeks a Beef Cattle Farmer to go to the Poetry Slam with.

Squatter's Rights

Want Flowers? We have plenty in Spotswood. Words are no help.

Looking for Line Winder. Cruise control. Curtains coming down Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)s welcome. Ask for Carver

Hello—Contract, Project or Program Administrator at Doncaster, Fill a Bag. Tag em and bag em, No license.

Looking for Bleeding Tissue Paper. Come support our team. Chips and Gravy Parole or Probation Officers welcome. Ask for Henderson

Polymer Clay for sale. No Cops, Take care of the world! Seen its fair share of use.

Want Leaf Scoop? We have plenty in Kealba. Grab a bargain. Everything must go.

Mr and Mrs Tucker looking for a ride from Berwick to Braybrook. Can trade Tamper.

Take the cat out of the sack Customer Service Manager for well trained K9. A fundraiser for our rugby team, guaranteed

Dogs, cats and related UTBs. Don't bother asking, "Structure and Sensibility"?